mardi 8 novembre 2016

David Bailey / Portraits

John Lennon


David Bailey

Grace Coddington

Johnny Depp

Jean Shrimpton

Michael Caine

Andy Warhol

Paul McCartney

Man Ray

ohn Lennon and Paul McCartney

Jane Holzer

Rupert Everett

Jean Shrimpton

Lucy Liu

Kenneth Peacock Tynan

Chrissie Shrimpton and Ossie Clark

The Kray brothers

The Gallagher brothers

Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate

Leslie Caron

Jean Shrimpton

David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton

Jack Nicholson

Edie Campbell and Olympia Campbell

Jude Law

Rudolph Nureyev and Cecil Beaton

David Terence Puttnam

Pete Townshend

Jane Birkin

Mia Farrow

Mick Jagger

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